List of former WW1 veterans who died on the Montevideo Maru

The following list of names of Australian WWI soldiers who are listed as dying on the Japanese prisoner transport ship, the MS Montevideo Maru, when this ship was sunk by an American submarine, the  USS Sturgeon, on 1st July 1942, has been compiled from the records of the University of NSW, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, AIF Database Project’s website at and the National Archives of Australia’s Montevideo Maru’s website at They were all living and working in the New Guinea Islands as civilians when the Japanese armed forces invaded these Australian Territories in January 1942. A number of these former soldiers were highly decorated servicemen. and

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Australian Military Awards
DSO : Distinguished Service Order
MC : Military Cross
MM : Military Medal
DCM : Distinguished Conduct Medal
MSM : Meritorious Service Medal
MID : Mentioned In Despatches

French Military Award
Croix de Guerre: This French military decoration was created in 1915. It has been bestowed on members of foreign military forces allied to France for distinguishing themselves by acts of heroism in combat with the enemy. This military award is similar in statue to Mentioned In Despatches.

Civilian Award
OBE: Officer of the Order of the British Empire. In today’s Australia Awards it is just below AM (Member of the Order of Australia) and DSO (Distinguished Service Order) .

Served at Gallipoli :  Arthur Guy Allen, John Motley Atherton , Forbes Cobb, Morton Cameron Crocker, Claude Thompson Drane, John Harold Edwards ( used middle name or Jack  ), Charles Thomas Ross Field, Tom Vernon Garrett, Latham Hamilton, Wilfred Leslie ( Ledlie ) Heron, Gerald George Hogan, Richard Kingsmill Moore, Harold Hillis Page, William George Stephen Staley, Henry ( Harry ) Orton Townsend, William Martin Wilkin and Ray Moor (Moore) Youlden. Edwards received a Military Medal for his outstanding service at Gallipoli and Page received his Croix de Guerre military award for his bravery at The Apex on the Gallipoli peninsula.

(Sources:  Discovering Anzacs website at and Australian War Memorial’s Honours and Awards website at

In addition to these 53 Australian WWI ex-servicemen who died on the MS Montevideo Maru at least five other men who had served in the 1st AIF during WWI are listed as dying on the MS Montevideo Maru on 1 July 1942. They were serving in the 2nd AIF during WWII when they died on this Japanese ship on 1 July 1942.  These men were:

These men were all in their forties.
(Sources:  WWII Nominal Roll, Montevideo Maru & Discovering Anzacs National Archives of Australia’s websites)

Note: The deaths of these 58 men on the MS Montevideo Maru have been noted on the Discovering Anzacs website at .

                                                                                                                 Patrick Bourke