This lists European civilians who died in World War 2 who were residents of the New Guinea islands immediately before the war, compiled by George Oakes.

The list shows name, age, occupation and place of residence where known but not place of death. They died either on the Montevideo Maru (MVM), on Kavieng wharf or in Rabaul, Kavieng, or on plantations, mission stations, or elsewhere, in many cases the accurate place of death will never be known. The list has been compiled from:

This list does not include the names of the Herstein crew as this ship was only visiting Rabaul, as detailed here. The list may not be completely accurate at this stage. I would welcome corrections. In some doubtful cases I have put a question mark at the end of the row. This list contains 275 names.

ABBOT, Pastor Edwin Malcolm, 33, Mission Superintendent, Rabaul, New Britain

ADAMS, Harry A, 49, Planter, Legislative Council, New Britain

ALLEN, Arthur Guy, 49, Planter, New Britain

ALLEN, William Edward, 38, Police Officer, Rabaul, New Britain

ALLEY, Rev. Donald Clinton, 35, Missionary, Tiop, Bougainville

ASH, Norman Ernest, 40, Police Officer, Rabaul, New Britain

ASHBY, Stanley Arthur, 47, Planter, Maramakas Plantation, New Ireland

ATHERTON, John Motley, 49, Dispenser (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

ATKINS, Arthur Stanley, Missionary, Mussau and Emira Island, New Ireland

ATKINSON, William, 38, Planter, Rabaul, New Britain

ATTWOOD, William, 32, Mechanic (Saunders), Kavieng, New Ireland

BADGER, Henry James, 52, Rabaul, New Britain

BANKS, Alfred Ernest Dickenson, 66, Hotel Manager, Rabaul, New Britain

BARGE, Rev. John Frederick, 46, Missionary, Gasmata, New Britain

BARNES, Charles William, 67, Printer, Rabaul, New Britain

BARROW, Rev. William, 39, Missionary, Vunapope, New Britain

BATH, Vincent George, 53, Labour Overseer, Rabaul, New Britain

BEAUMONT, John Patrick, 36, Planter, Mandres, New Britain

BEAZLEY, Sydney Colin, 33, Missionary, Rabaul, New Britain

BECK, Norman Rawlinson, 52, Labour Overseer, Rabaul, New Britain

BELL, Donald Joseph, 30, Plantation Manager, Teripax Plantation, Tabar, New Ireland

BELL, John William, 64, Planter, Penipol Plantation, New Ireland

BENHAM, Gregory Wade, (Lieut.), Patrol Officer, Namatanai, New Ireland

BERMAN, Roger Arthur Alfred, 24, Plantation Manager, Lolobau Plantation, Talasea, New Britain

BOWMAN, Herbert, 21, Medical Assistant, Rabaul, New Britain

BOX, William Charles, 48, Planter, Meteinge Plantation, New Hanover, New Ireland

BRENNAN, Brother Clifford Ambrose, 26, Rabaul, New Britain

BRINSTON, Hamilton George Wentworth, 44, Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

BROWN, Robert Alphonso Leslie, 64, Mechanic (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

BROWN, Thomas Goodsir, Police Officer, Rabaul, New Britain

BRUCKSHAW, Arthur Frederick, 45, Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

BUNNEY, John Felix, 70, Plantation Inspector (WRC), Rabaul, New Britain

BURKE, John Dalton, 47, Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

BURNS, Frank, 34, Planter, Teopasino Plantation, Bougainville

BYE, Ernest Charles, 60, Ships Captain (WRC), Rabaul, New Britain

CAMERON, Alan, 49, Mechanic (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

CANNON, Cecil Fulton, 42, Marine Engineer (WRC), Rabaul, New Britain

CARLYSLE, Lincoln, 35, Plantation Overseer (WRC), Ralabang Plantation, Kokopo, New Britain

CARR, Lewis Alfred Allan, 48, Road Overseer (Admin), Kokopo, New Britain

CARSON, Lewis William, 48, Planter, Fead Island, New Ireland

CHADDERTON, Claude Garfield, 53, Planter, Lamerika Plantation, New Ireland

CHARLSON, C , 79, Anelaua, New Ireland

CHAUNCY, Alfred Arthur, 58, Rabaul, New Britain

CLARK, Ivan, 43, Medical Assistant, Rabaul, New Britain

CLARK, John Andrew Joseph, (known as John Downs), 48, Timber Worker, Rabaul, New Britain

CLARK, Robert Leeuwin, 52, Company Manager, Legislative Council, Rabaul, New Britain

CLUNN, Colin, 62, Storeman (BP), Rabaul, New Britain

COBB, Forbes, 53, Plantation Manager (WRC), Panaras Plantation, New Ireland

COE, Peter Edward Richard, 36, Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

COLLETT, Trevor David, 29, Mission Sawmiller, Mussau, New Ireland

CONLEY, Rev. John Christopher, Missionary, Nissan Island, Bougainville

CONSIDINE, Leo Anthony, 36, Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

CONSTERDINE, Cedric Royston, 50, Plantation Overseer, Kalili Plantation, New Ireland

COOK, Robert Edward, 40, Accountant (WRC), Rabaul, New Britain

COOMBER, Arthur, 43, Medical Assistant, Rabaul, New Britain

COOPER, Robert William, 40, Medical Officer, Rabaul, New Britain

COOTE, Philip, 54, Company Manager (BP), Rabaul, New Britain

COTTEE, George Albert, 29, Rabaul, New Britain

CROCKER, Moreton Cameron, 45, Agricultural Inspector, Kerevat, New Britain

CRAIG, Plantation Manager, Kavieng, New Ireland

CRUISE, John Bertrand, 44, Dispenser (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

CULHANE, Father William, Missionary, Awul, New Britain

DAVIES, Edward Lonsdale, 37, Plantation Manager, Ungan Plantation, New Ireland

DAVIES, Roger, 41, X-Ray Technician, Rabaul, New Britain

DAYMOND, Jack Eric, Assistant District Officer, Gasmata, New Britain

DICKSON, James Francis, 46, Storeman (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

DOCKRILL, William, 60, Poultry Farmer, Rabaul, New Britain

DODD, Henry, 54, Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

DOYLE, Harry Granville, 35, Plantation Manager, Selapiu Plantation, New Ireland

DOYLE, Neville Xavier, 21, Manufacturer, Rabaul, New Britain

DRANE, Claude Thompson, 56, Manager, Rabaul, New Britain

DUUS, Wilfred Lamont, 25, Telephone Technician (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

EARL, Robert Bertram, 46, Planter, Kokopo, New Britain

EBERY, Thomas, Buin, Bougainville

EDWARDS, John Harold, 52, Labour Overseer (BP), Rabaul, New Britain

EDWARDS, Murray Stanley, 29, Patrol Officer, Kavieng, New Ireland

EGLINTON, Abel Marriott, 36, Storeman (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

EINSIEDEL, Edwin Reginald, 41, Clerk (BP), Rabaul, New Britain

ELKINGTON, Harry (Henry), 65, Planter, Kilinwater Plantation, New Britain

EVANS, Thomas Evan, 38, Medical Assistant, Rabaul, New Britain

EVENSEN, Albert Stanley, 49, Planter, Pondo Plantation, New Britain

FIELD, Charles Thomas Ross, 47, Director Public Works (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

FILAN, Septimus Henry, 30, Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

FITZGERALD, Francis Joseph, 31, Missionary, Buka, Bougainville

FITZGIBBON, Walter Horace, 48, Rabaul, New Britain

FLORANCE, V A, Solicitor. ?

FORSYTH, Archibald Corbett, 77, Planter, Sagui Plantation, New Ireland

FORSYTH, Roland Noel Harrison, 44, Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

FULTON, Henry Bernard, 33, Clerk (BP), Rabaul, New Britain

FURLONG, Robert Barry, 42, Plantation Manager, Lamusong Plantation, New Ireland

GARNETT, William Foster Stawell, 61, Planter, Kamiriba Plantation, New Ireland

GARRETT, Tom Vernon, 54, Planter, Varzin Plantation, New Britain

GASCOIGNE, Cyril John, 49, Auctioneer, Rabaul, New Britain

GASCOIGNE, Ivor Norman, 15, Clerk, Rabaul, New Britain

GOAD, John Crayston, 49, Medical Assistant and Planter, Kaut Plantation, New Ireland

GORDON, Leonard Leslie, Planter, Bululogon Plantation, New Ireland

GRAY, Keith Morris, 21, Medical Assistant, Kokopo, New Britain

GREEN, Alan Stanley, 58, Plantation Manager (BP), Raulawat Plantation, New Britain

GREEN, Eric Clive Duckett, 37, Agricultural Supt., Kerevat, New Britain

GREENWOOD, Francis Oscar, 57, Planter, New Britain

GREENWOOD, Wilfred, Plantation Manager (WRC), Gunanur Plantation, New Britain

GREGORY, Henry Anthony, 44, District Officer, Rabaul, New Britain

GRIFFIN, John Kenneth Vicars, 36, Auditor (BP) Rabaul, New Britain

HAMILTON, John Edward, 55, Store Manager (WRC), Rabaul, New Britain

HAMILTON, Latham, 55, Planter, Sumuna Plantation, New Ireland

HARRIS, Father Edward, Missionary, Malmal, New Britain

HARVEY, Alfred Arthur, 57, Planter, Lassuls Plantation, New Britain

HARVEY, Marjorie Jean, 32, Rabaul, New Britain

HAUGHEY, Thomas Francis, 44, Aua, Manus, Manus

HAWNT, Edmund Martin, 60, Telephone Foreman (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

HAY, Dr. Arthur, 35, Medical Officer, Kavieng , New Ireland

HEMIG, Rev. Johannes MSC, missionary, Lemacot, New Ireland

HEMING, Horace Ray, 58, Plantation Manager, Kolube Plantation, New Ireland

HERKET, Thomas Henry, 44, Agricultural Inspector, Rabaul, New Britain

HERICK, Sister Mary Climaka, Mission Sister, Namatanai, New Ireland

HERON, Wilfred Ledlie, 48, Planter, Tovakundum Plantation, New Britain

HERRON, Albert Grant, 28, Bank Official (CB) Rabaul, New Britain

HERTERICH, Hans Oscar, about 60, Plantation Manager, Marakot Plantation, Tabar, New Ireland

HEYDON, Walter, 60, Planter, Put Plantation, Tanga Islands, New Ireland

HOGAN, Gerald George, 56, Crown Law Officer, Rabaul, New Britain

HOLDEN, Harry, 46, Timber Worker, Rabaul, New Britain

HOLLAND, Harry Darley, 49, Manager (AWA) Rabaul, New Britain

HOOGERWERFF, Jan, Manager Rabaul Printing Works, Rabaul, New Britain

HOSKING, Dr. Herbert Champion, 47, Medical Officer, Rabaul, New Britain

HOUGHTON, C W, Plantation Manager, New Britain ?

HUNTLEY, William Rouel, 46, Kokopo, New Britain

IVES, Vivian Gervis Lavie Niel, 49, Plantation Manager, Kurumut Plantation, New Ireland

JERVIS, Cecil Charles, 48, Planter, Nissan Island, Bougainville

JUKER, Edith Active, 70, Kurakakaul Plantation, New Britain

KELLY, Edward Caulfield, 46, Agricultural Inspector, Kavieng, New Ireland

KING, Anthony John, 22, Audit Clerk, Rabaul, New Britain

KOHLSTETTE, Father Heinrich, Missionary, Komalu, New Ireland

KORN, William Thomas, 48, Planter, Pondo Plantation, New Britain

KRUTZENBICHLER, Father Josef, Missionary, Tanga Islands, New Ireland

KUTSCHER, Father Paul, Missionary, Lamussong, New Ireland

KYLE, Alan Fairlie, 44, ( Lieut.) Assistant District Officer, Namatanai, New Ireland

LAKAFF, Father Josef, Missionary, Kavieng, New Ireland

LEVIEN, John Lawson, 57, Plantation Manager, Lindenhafen, New Britain

LEVY, Philip Montague, 52, Manager (BP), Kavieng, New Ireland

LIGHTBODY, Harrison Leigh, 51, Plantation Manager (BP), Kalili, New Ireland

LINGGOOD, Rev. William Lawrence Irving, 40, Missionary (MM), Raluana, New Britain

LIVINGSTONE, William James, 37, Police Officer, Kavieng, New Ireland

LOCKHART, John, 44, Health Inspector, Rabaul, New Britain

McARTHUR, Rev. Laurence Archie, 38, Missionary (MM), Rabaul, New Britain

McCHEANE, George Alexander, 32, Butcher Rabaul Freezer, Rabaul, New Britain

McCULLAGH, Rev. Father David Bertram, 31, Missionary, Rabaul, New Britain

MacDOUGALL, Donald, 41, Police Officer, Rabaul, New Britain

McEVOY, Joseph Thomas, 46, Planter, Ponam Plantation, Manus

McLAUGHLIN, Robert L, 49, Rabaul, New Britain

MacKELLAR, Colin, 45, Planter, Pigibut Plantation, New Ireland

McLAREN, Thomas William, 38, Baker, Rabaul, New Britain

MacLEAN, Charles Hector Roderick, 61, Manager (WRC), Rabaul, New Britain

McPHERSON, Roy Stewart, 32, Accountant Saunders, Kavieng, New Ireland

MANNES, Frederick Gerard, 33, Missionary, Buka, Bougainville

MANSON, James Samuel, 25, Plantation Manager, Lassuls Plantation, New Britain

MANSON, Richard, 11, Lassuls Plantation, New Britain

MANTLE, Frederick William, 56, District Officer, Rabaul, New Britain

MARSHALL, John Dunn, 47, Rabaul, New Britain

MARTIN, Father Karl, Ulapatur, Namatanai, New Ireland

MATER,Colin Sydney Paul, 29, Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

MERMIN, T P, Plantation Manager, New Ireland

MILLER, Ernest Russell, 59, Planter, Tsalui Plantation, Tsoi Island, New Ireland

MILLINGTON, Herbert Neville, 61, Ship’s Officer (WRC), Rabaul, New Britain

MITCHELL, E H F, Patrol Officer, ?

MOORE, Rev. Bernard, Missionary, Arawe, New Britain

MOORE, Richard Kingsmill Pennefather, 56, Planter, Tatavana Plantation, New Britain

MORELL, John F, Plantation Manager, Djaul Island, New Ireland

MOSELEY, Albert Edward, 62, Plantation Manager, Belik Plantation, New Ireland

MUESCHNER, Sister Mary Ambrosia, Mission Sister, Namatanai, New Ireland

MUGGLETON, Henry Andrew, 37, Planter, Warenvula Plantation, New Britain

MURPHY, Rev. Father Michael, 31, Missionary, Tabar Island, New Ireland

MULLIGAN, Edward William Clark, 28, Baker, Rabaul, New Britain

MULVEY, Noel Walsh, 37, Engineer, Rabaul, New Britain

MURRAY, George Hugh, 60, Director of Agriculture, Rabaul, New Britain

NAESS, George Alexander, 58, Planter, Tol Plantation, New Britain

NAUGHTON, James Forrestall, 33, Overseer, Kalili Plantation, New Ireland

NAULTY, Patrick George, 43, Police Officer, Rabaul, New Britain

NEUHAUS, Father Karl, Missionary, Namatanai, New Ireland

NUNAN, Frederick Clyde, 30, Sawmiller (WRC), Mandres, New Britain

OAKES, Rev. William Daniel, 36, Missionary (MM), Pinikidu, New Ireland

OATEN, Frederick, 30, Plantation Manager (BP), Komuli Plantation, Manus

O’DWYER, Noel, 49, Planter, Gavit Plantation, New Britain

ORMOND, James Leonard, 64, Plantation Manager, Djaul Island, New Ireland

OSTROM, Karl, Planter, Lakurafanga Plantation, New Ireland

OSTROM, Maxwell Joseph, 20, Lakurafanga Plantation, New Ireland

PAGE, Cornelius Lyons, (Lieut.) 31, Pigibut Plantation, Tabar, New Ireland

PAGE, Harold Hillis, 53, Govt. Secretary/Deputy Adminstrator, Rabaul, New Britain

PARKER, William Henry,46, Planter, Lassuls Plantation, New Britain

PARKINSON, Mrs. Phebe Clothilde, 80, Namatanai, New Ireland

PARRY, Arthur Reginald, 47, Medical Assistant, Kokopo, New Britain

PEARCE, Ernest Wilfred, 41, Accountant (MM), Rabaul, New Britain

PEARSON, Rev. Howard James, 29, Missionary (MM), Vunairima, New Britain

PERRETT, Andrew, Mechanic (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

PETERSON, Hans, 29, Maragon Plantation, Tabar, New Ireland

PETERSON, Karl, 30, Maragon Plantation, Tabar, New Ireland

PICKERING, Murray Bartlett, 50, Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

PINCHING, Edward, Plantation Manager (WRC), Manguna Plantation, New Britain

PINES, Cedric Moreton (‘Cedar’), 46, Medical Assistant, Taskul, New Ireland

PINNOCK, Leonard Joseph, 56, Plantation Manager, Ulul-Nono Plantation, New Ireland

PLUNKETT, Thomas Martin, 23, Telephone Technician, Rabaul, New Britain

POOLE, Rev. John William, 28, Missionary (MM), Kalas, New Britain

PRATT, Victor Alfred, 51, Planter, Tobera Plantation, New Britain

RAFF, Graham Stuart, 24, Bank Officer (CB), Rabaul, New Britain

RAND, Dixon Wearne Leslie, 42, Plantation Manager, Maritsoan Plantation, Namatanai, New Ireland

RANKIN, D J, Storeman (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain ?

REED, Arthur Ridley, Dairy Farmer, Rabaul, New Britain

RENTON, Albany, 49, Plumber, Rabaul, New Britain

REYNOLDS, John Arthur, 52, Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

ROBERTS, Dudley Louis, 29, Teacher, Utu, Kavieng, New Ireland

ROBERTS, John Clarence, 32, Missionary, Buka, Bougainville

ROBINSON, Hector Ernest, 42, Accountant (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

ROBINSON, Wright, 23, Plantation Overseer, Rabaul, New Britain

ROCHE, Frank, 47, Planter, Atamo, Bougainville

ROGERS, Robert Welton, 42, Roadmaster, Rabaul, New Britain

RYAN, Walter James, 51, Department Manager (BP), Rabaul, New Britain

SAUNDERS, Frank Veall, 50, Planter/Ship Owner, Kavieng, New Ireland

SAVAGE, Stuart Keith, 50, Clerk (Admin), Kavieng, New Ireland

SAWKINS, Alfred George, 51, Plantation Manager (BP), Panapai Plantation, New Ireland

SCHLUETTER, Father Karl, Missionary, Lihir Island, New Ireland

SCHMIDT, Adolf, 37, Head Teacher, Rabaul, New Britain

SCHULTZE, Mrs. Caroline Rasmina, 65, Namatanai, New Ireland

SCOTT, Hugh Moore, Plantation Manager, Asalingi Plantation, New Britain

SEDGERS, Joseph Charles, 44, Plantation Inspector (WRC), Rabaul, New Britain

SETCHELL, William Gordon, 38, Plantation Manager (WRC), Ulaveo Plantation, New Britain

SHEBLER, David Augustus, 36, Chemist, Rabaul, New Britain

SHELTON, Rev. Herbert Bolus, 44, Missionary (MM), Watnabara, Duke of York Island, New Britain

SHERWOOD, Kenneth Arthur, 28, Mechanic (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

SIMNET, Percy Jeffs, 36, Police Officer, Rabaul, New Britain

SIMPSON, Rev. Thomas Nevison, 33, Missionary (MM), New Hanover, New Ireland

SMITH, Albert Albury, 37, Vunarakan Plantation, New Britain

SMITH, Dougall McDonald, 39, Foreman Carpenter (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

SMITH, Frank Norman, 49, Planter, Lakunda Plantation, New Britain

SMITH, James Olivant, 63, Overseer Native Labour (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

SMITH, James Wilton, 43, Postmaster, Rabaul, New Britain

SNOOK, Samuel, 50, Police Officer, Rabaul, New Britain

SOLOMON, Edgar Emanuel, 26, Mechanic (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

SOLOMONS, Robert Lewis, 52, Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

SQUIRES, Richard Thomas, 49, Medical Assistant, Gasmata, New Britain

STALEY, William George Stephen, 54, Road Overseer (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

STEPHEN, Reginald James, 46, Dept. Manager (WRC), Rabaul, New Britain

STEVENS, Robert Hill, 35, Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

STEWART, James, 60, Road Overseer (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

STRATHEARN, Alexander James, 36, Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

SWEETAPPLE, Brian Armstrong, Ulatawa Plantation, New Britain

SYMES, Henry Herbert Cecil, 48, Plantation Manager, Malapau Plantation, New Britain

TAIT, Ivan Howard, 48, Manager (WRC), Kavieng NI

TALMAGE, John Samuel, 67, Plantation Manager, Tomalabat Plantation, Tabar Island, New Ireland

THOMAS, Cecil, 26, Police Officer, Rabaul, New Britain

THOMPSON, Charles James, 44, Rabaul, New Britain

THOMPSON, Leonard Charles, 32, Medical Assistant, Kokopo, New Britain

TITCHENER, John Wesley, 53, Agricultural Inspector (Admin), Kerevat, New Britain

TOPAL, David James, 14, Tereri Plantation, Tabar Island, New Ireland

TOPAL, Henry James, 51, Plantation Manager, Tereri Plantation, Tabar Island, New Ireland

TOWNSEND, Harry Orton, 49, Treasurer (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

TREVITT, Rev. Jack William, 28, Missionary (MM), Vunairima, New Britain

TRITTON, Alfred John, 34, Bank Officer (CB), Rabaul, New Britain

TURNBULL, Hedley Fred, 24, Telephone Technician, Rabaul, New Britain

TYNAN, James, 16, Merchant Seaman, ?

UTSCH, Father Franz jnr, Missionary, Lavongai, New Ireland

VOSS, Rev. Geoffrey Herbert Donald, 37, Teacher (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

WALKER, Thomas, 55, Police Officer, Rabaul, New Britain

WALLACE, Thomas Valentine, 42, Journalist and Trader, Rabaul, New Britain

WALSH, Thomas Reginald, 41, Telephone Technician (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

WASHINGTON, Herbert John, 55, Planter, Kabaira Plantation, New Britain

WAYNE, Ronald Norman, 38, Interpreter (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

WHITEHEAD, Boyd Nepean, 46, Plantation Manager, Karu Plantation, New Ireland

WHITEMAN, Alan Keith, 49, Senior Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

WILKIN, William Martin, 56, Planter, Lungatan Plantation, New Hanover, New Ireland

WILLIAMS, Leon Leslie, 40, Area Manager (BP), Kimadan Plantation, New Ireland

WILLMET, Walter Powell, 46, Plantation Manager (WRC), Kokopo, New Britain

WOODHOUSE, Edmund Samuel Flavelle, 50, Plantation Manager, Katu Plantation, New Ireland

WOOLCOTT, Leonard George, 44, Plantation Manager, Fileba Plantation, New Ireland

YARRINGTON, William Maynard, 50, Rabaul, New Britain

YOULDEN, Ray Moor, 48, Clerk (Admin), Rabaul, New Britain

ZUMKLEY, Brother Heinrich, Kavieng, New Ireland

© George Oakes, 2011