Signalman William Edward ‘Splinter’ FLOOD – QX8467

1st Independent Company

Born: 23 February 1917, Rockhampton, Queensland

Died: 1 July 1942, on the Montevideo Maru, South China Sea

Signalman William Edward ‘Splinter’ Flood was one of three bothers who enlisted in the AIF – each in different units.

Corporal Max Harold (Peter) Flood (QX2936) was in the 9 Aust Div Signals and was a ‘Rat of Tobruk’. He survived WWII, but his brothers did not.

Signalman William ‘Splinter’ Flood was captured at Rabaul in January 1942 and died when the Japanese POW ship Montevideo Maru was sunk on the 1 July 1942. He was 25 years old.

Pte Richard Joseph Flood (QX8250) was assigned to Northern Command Infantry Training Depot and died of injuries in camp on the 8 October 1940 after receiving a pre-embarkation inoculation. He was 26 years old.

The three Flood brothers – Left to Right: Cpl Max Flood; Sig William ‘Splinter’ Flood; Pte Richard Flood

Outdoor group photo of 1st Independent Company men sitting in front of a group of Papua New Guineans, and Catholic nuns and priests. The man marked with the cross (seated, far right) is QX 8467 Signalman William Edward ‘Splinter’ Flood who was killed in action when the Japanese POW ship Montevideo Maru was sunk taking them to Hainan, China.